Ksenia Simakova artist

Ksenia Simakova is a visual artist working with photography and digital art. She researches themes of value and fragility of the world, the unity and interrelation of its elements. She also apply to the questions of human identification external and inside. Working with concept of spontaneity through her projects she makes visible to viewer world's subtle interconnections.

Ksenia Simakova was selected as 30 Under 30 Women Photographers by Artpil. Works have been exhibited in more than 40 shows in 20 cities in Russia, Italy, Lithuania, have been published on covers and in print magazines by USA, Canada, Armenia publishers, included in books and dozens of catalogs. Works are in private collections in Russia and USA.

Digital art

Self value by Ksenia Simakova

Self value

Post-copy garden by Ksenia Simakova

Post-copy garden

Artist's hands by Ksenia Simakova

Artist's hands

Metamorphosis of flora by Ksenia Simakova

Metamorphosis of flora

Essence by Ksenia Simakova


Cosmic mind by Ksenia Simakova

Cosmic mind


Project dedicated to unexpected facts and everyday harmony of reality created by Ksenia Simakova


Following spontaneous harmony of nowadays

Project dedicated to italians art of living, works are tribute for life in time of COVID-19 pandemic, captured by Ksenia Simakova


the country of life loving

Story about russian centenarian lady born in imperial Russia, one of the first pioneers of USSR, Second World War participant, documented by Ksenia Simakova

100 Years old Mary

Ksenia Simakova documented specific time of paralyzing the planet by coronavirus pandemic 2020. Series of portraits and interviews were made in May 2020 during COVID-19 first wave isolation period in Russia. Shots were made using FaceTime and Zoom in conditions of social distancing.


in isolation

World Cup 2018 FIFA championship in Russia documented by Ksenia Simakova

World Cup 2018

Documenting FIFA championship in Russia

Madeira island community everyday life documented by Ksenia Simakova


Lost in mountains

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Post-copy garden by Ksenia Simakova

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