Crossing Realities

The speciality of photography is capturing the facts of present. But sometimes unexpected facts happens - spontaneous object comes into a frame and becomes a main hero of a photo. To the element of light, color, shape is added a random variable, which defines a new kind of photography. Mix of all these levels creates a special combination of random coincidences in harmony. And this new kind of photography is multilayer not only in visual but in meaningful sense.

It's not enough for me to use photography as only one word or one letter in a sentence. I'm trying to make every single photo as a full story. So you can go deeper inside and discover visual and meaningful context. Making my works, I don't always want to explain everything clearly. I really like to make possibility for viewer to philosophizing and make a guess. Situating somewhere between fact or fiction, balancing between real and surreal - there is unique moment for just a second and we have a magnificent opportunity to hold it through photography.

Following the principle of serendipity and discovering world around make possible to feel spontaneous harmony of nowadays.