Self value

In this self-portrait based project Ksenia Simakova apply to questions of mental state and crystallize personal reflections about how to survive in turbulent times we all living in. Reality confront us with the fact that the necessary survival skill for nowadays is to be able to reject informational noise and hear your own voice to find our own basis values and moving forward in the future in accordance with them.

Project Self Value was published in print in The Air magazine, July 2022, issue 19, pages 3-5, 50 and cover.

2022 Digital photography, digital alterations


"I believe that art should speak, especially now, when the world is changing so fast that we can't keep up with it. Last couple of years since the pandemic start people of the planet is learning acceptance. We learn to accept that we cannot control everything, that there are no constants. Reality confronts us with the fact that we need to be flexible, learn how navigate in dynamically changing conditions. We need to look for new support and basis. But where to look?

We're living in the informational world of post-truth where there are no absolutely wrong or absolutely right opinion. There are no black and white side, there actually never wasn't. Circumstances were mixed with emotions and people are stuck in between, and they sincerely desire for harmony and constancy.

The necessary survival skill for nowadays is to be able to pull yourself out of the information noise hole, to return to the origins, to hear your own inner voice. It's not easy to detaching from external to self preservation. For my view to achieve it could help Nature, your life's Work, understanding your Values and moving forward in accordance with them.

Checking with yourself from time to time helps moving towards finding your inner cosmos, where external noise disappears in a vacuum and there is an opportunity to hear yourself, find your own supports, formulate values that are in tune with your soul. It is important to remember that in any turbulent situation - you still have yourself. To find out your values is gorgeous. These lights will shine your life even when the smoke clears.

While we are all here - walking, breathing, thinking, feeling - the best thing we can do is to live everything that happens and get to know ourselves".